5 Great Tips For Saving Money On Your Heating Bills

Posted on: 2 December 2014


During the cold winter months, there is nothing more comforting than turning on the heat and snuggling on your couch. However, if you use your heat too much, it can make your energy bills very expensive. Here are five great tips for saving money on your heating bills during the winter.

Wrap Your Windows With Plastic

One of the simplest ways to prevent heat loss in your home is to wrap your windows with plastic. Just apply the plastic film to the panes of your windows and seal it up with a blow-dryer. If plastic wrap covers your window, less heat will be able to escape out of your house, improving your heating system's efficiency. 

Replace Furnace Filters Monthly

If your furnace filters are filled with a lot of dirt and dust, your heating system will have to work harder to provide warm air, increasing your energy bills. That is why you should aim to replace your furnace filters at least once a month. These filters are very inexpensive to replace and will save you some money on your heating bills.

Fill Gaps Around Electrical Boxes

Another great way to save money on your heating bills is to fill the gap around the electrical boxes in your walls. These electrical boxes are not always insulated correctly, so they can account for a lot of heat loss. After you remove the cover plate, look for any gaps and seal them with caulk.

Purchase a Portable Heater

If you put a portable heater in your living room and turn down your furnace, you can save some money on your heating bills. The rest of the house will be cooler, but you and your family members will stay warm in the room with the heater.

Have a Heating Contractor Inspect Your Heating System

It is a good idea to have a heating contractor inspect your heating system once a year. A heating contractor can examine your heater and make sure it is running efficiently. If he finds a problem with your heating system, he can fix it before it becomes a bigger issue.

If you follow these helpful tips, your heating bills will not break the bank. However, if your heating bills are still abnormally high, you should hire an experienced heating contractor to look at your heating system soon. A heating contractor, from a company like Colorado Comfort Systems, can determine if there is something wrong with your heating system or not.