Four Simple Landscaping Projects That Can Completely Change The Look Of Your Home

Posted on: 2 December 2014


The landscaping around your home can say a lot, and with small improvements, you can do a lot to change the appearance of your home. This can be done by doing things like removing overgrowth, adding paths and lighting, as well as landscaping features such as retaining walls. You can even add small water features to make your landscaping more attractive. Here are four simple landscaping projects that will change the appearance of your home:

1. Adding Structural Features To Your Landscaping

Many structural features can be added to your landscaping. Retaining walls can be a great way to change the grade and elevation of your landscaping. You can use small retaining walls to build up areas of your landscaping for things like paths. There are block systems for retaining walls, which you can get from any hardware store, or you can use railroad tie or treated posts to build your retaining walls. If you need to have a larger retaining wall built, you can have a landscaping contractor to help you.

2. Small Water Features That Are Easy To Install

Water features can also be a great addition to your landscaping. They also do not have to cost thousands of dollars. You can build a small Koi pond with a plastic pond liner and a small pump. If you want to make a small stream, you can cut a small part of the liner out, and use a rubber liner to create a small stream.

You can use landscaping rock for the base of the stream. You will just need to run the tube from the pump to the top of the stream to make the water flow. To get an even flow of water in your stream, you can add a T-connection the width of the stream, and add a cap on the ends. Make small holes in the pipes to allow the water to flow out the width of your stream.

3. Removing Overgrowth And Unhealthy Trees

Overgrowth can be a major problem with landscaping design. The overgrown plants are not always weeds; they can also be things like shrubs that have not been pruned. You will want to remove any of the plant like those that blocks the view of your home. If you have dense trees in your landscaping, you may also want to have them removed when are renovating your landscaping.

4. Simple Landscape Pathways And Lighting

You can also have pathways made to your landscaping with materials such as rock and brick. This can make your landscaping design look unique and attractive. You can also have landscape lighting added to the paths in your landscaping. The landscape lighting can also be used to highlight features of your home and make your home stand out from the street.

Doing some of these things to your home can completely change its appearance, and increase its value. You can get started with where the landscape contractors like those from Terra-Sol Landscaping added pathways and lighting to your home.