Should You Have A Prospective Home Examined By An Electrical Contractor?

Posted on: 2 December 2014


If you have recently found the home of your dreams, it is crucial to remember to have it looked at by an electrical contractor before committing to it. In fact, it may even be helpful to have it looked at and continue to look at other homes, in case an expensive problem with the property is diagnosed that would change your mind about the big purchase. Given the complexities involved with electrical services of any type, it is not unusual to allow other aspects of a home to be examined by one professional, while an electrical contractor examines everything else. 

In addition, it is strongly recommended in many circles to always get your own examination of the property before putting in an offer, as choosing someone you trust is generally a better idea than taking someone else's word. You also have the option of getting a pre-inspection, which allows for a less invasive examination that will often disclose obvious problems. You may even be able to bring your expert as you look at homes. 

What Will the Contractor Look for?

An electrical contractor with experience in home inspections will typically examine every electrical aspect of your home for a standard inspection and a more basic examination for a pre-inspection. A complete exam will often take two hours or more.

Common problems they look for and report include:

  • The condition of the wiring, including any changes recently implemented
  • The age of the wiring, especially if upgrades to the rest of the property have occurred or are planned 
  • Leaks in the heating and cooling systems
  • The usability and safety of outlets throughout the home, including basements, attics and garages
  • Verification that all electrical aspects of the home are in compliance with existing safety codes

Does Everyone Get an Inspection?

You may know someone who did their own inspection or skipped getting one entirely, often in the interest of saving money or wanting to take advantage of a great price for the home. Doing so is very risky and today, more than nine out of ten homebuyers get them professionally inspected by at least one licensed professional, such as your electrical contractor, before committing to the purchase.  

Although you have options for choosing other professionals, the electrical system is what could allow fires to break out randomly and faulty systems cause deaths every year. Therefore, it only makes sense that when you are making a decision that could impact you financially for 20 or more years and that could result in a loss of life for your loved ones, hiring an expert in electrical services like Conway Electric makes more sense than hiring someone who does it all.

In conclusion, it is also helpful to remember that typically any offer that you do make upon a house is based on the assumption that the examination has no major issues, so scheduling an adequate examination is even more important than you might think. If you wait until you own the home, you take on any problems, even invisible ones, that are present within the home.