How To Make The Bathroom Safer For Your Elderly Parent

Posted on: 8 December 2014


If you have an elderly loved one, you probably worry about an accident occurring and your mom or dad getting hurt. One common area where your parent could be injured is in the bathroom, but there are ways that you can make the bathroom a whole lot safer. Follow these steps, and you shouldn't have to worry nearly as much about your parent getting hurt while in the restroom.

Install an Elderly Care Tub

There are special tubs out there that are designed to keep elderly people safe while they're bathing. There are different models out there, but they typically include a safe seat that your mom or dad can sit in while washing off.

Install Non-Slip Mats

Look for non-slip mats, and install them throughout the bathroom. They should be placed in the shower or bathtub, just outside of the shower or bathtub, and in any other potentially slippery areas.

Install Handrails

Many elderly people can benefit from handrails in the bathroom, which can be used to help themselves up and down or to catch themselves if they start to fall. Make sure that the handrails are very strong and secure, and install them throughout the room for maximum safety.

Choose a Raised Toilet Seat

For many elderly people, there's a chance of falling when sitting down on the toilet. Luckily, a raised toilet seat can make it far easier for your mom or dad to sit down without getting hurt.

Install a Telephone

It's not a bad idea to install a telephone in the bathroom so that your mom or dad can easily call for help if there is an emergency. If there is no phone jack, you can always invest in a cordless phone system that uses units that don't require a phone jack. Another idea is to ask your parent to wear a waterproof necklace that allows him or her to call for emergency help if needed.

Make Sure Towel Racks are Well-Secured

Your mom or dad could grab for a towel rack for support in the midst of a fall, so make sure that all towel racks in the bathroom are well-secured so that they cannot fall off the wall easily.

Keeping your parent as safe as possible is probably very important to you during these golden years. To help prevent your mom or dad from getting hurt in the bathroom, follow these tips for preventing accidents.