Chef's Delight: New Kitchen Remodels Offer Products For True Cooking Fanatics

Posted on: 10 July 2015


Most true cooks ignore kitchen design advice. They don't care about having the trendiest decor; they care about creating tasty dishes. If you're a food-making fanatic, this doesn't mean your current kitchen works for you, so you may be considering a remodel.

The good news is, today's kitchen designers are engineering products that work in the real world of cooking, including these examples:

Look, Ma. No handles.

Whether their fingers are covered in bread dough or chicken dew, at some point every cook spreads goo on faucet handles, refrigerator handles, and dishwasher handles. This makes cleanup more complicated, spreads germs, and annoys the next person who has to use the slimy handle.

Not any more. A new generation of handle-less appliances is on the market, with products that open with a few knocks, a wave of the hand, or by motion detection. Cabinets, dishwashers, and faucets are designed with the no-touch feature. Coincidentally, these handle-less upgrades are perfect for disabled and frail household members too.

A place for everything.

Telling a passionate chef that they must get rid of seldom-used gadgets is useless. When a pastry chef needs a chinois or a tart pan, no other tool or piece of cookware is a proper substitute.

What chefs need are adequate storage capabilities in their kitchens. The newest remodeling trends involve using wasted spaces in nooks and crannies to place slim drawers and shelves. Corners and under-cabinet areas are also becoming functional as additional organization spots.

Rolling carts are great for storing cooking supplies out of sight when they're not in use. They can be rolled into the pantry or under the kitchen island. In smaller kitchens, use carts that have cutting boards on top to gain extra prep space.

Appliances that you program to remember.

There are myriad new smart kitchen appliances that can by accessed and programmed by your phone or smart devices. They turn ovens and lights on, get the coffee brewing, and even start defrosting your dinner before you leave the office for the evening.

One incredible innovation is an oven that recognizes food and adjusts its cooking power accordingly. This appliance will be a boon to chefs, who can program the oven to perfectly prep ingredients like softened butter. The oven also gives cooks the security of knowing their cookies and roasts will be perfectly done every time.

If you're a foodie, your kitchen remodeling professionals, such as Wunderlin Builders, have all sorts of innovative products to show you. They'll help you create culinary masterpieces while you also enjoy your fabulous new kitchen.