Two Of The Best Plants For Hedges

Posted on: 23 July 2015


Whenever you are planting a new lawn or tree in your landscaping, you will probably want to add some hedges of some sort or the other. Even small hedges can protect your trees and make your landscaping look more organized. However, not all hedges are one in the same. This article will introduce 2 plant species that could be perfect for hedges on your property.

The Steadfast and Reliable Boxwood

For a plant to be practical for hedging, it must be able to withstand constant pruning and shearing. Most plants run a high risk of being over-pruned. The boxwood can be pruned as often as is necessary. It is very easy to shape (hence the name boxwood). The boxwood is an evergreen shrub that has beautiful white flowers. Some species of boxwood can grow over 10 feet tall, but it is most commonly used as a ground hedge. It can line pathways and is perfect for protecting flowerbeds. Boxwood's have a rich green leaf, and they do not require too much water. They can thrive in a range of different climates and soils types. It is easy to see why boxwoods are one of the most popular shrubs for landscaping and hedges.

The Fun and Sturdy Holly

The holly leaf is iconic when one thinks of the Christmas season. However, it is also a great plant for hedges. It is also an evergreen with waxy leaves. In some climates, the holly leaves will maintain their rich green color throughout the entire year. Of course, it is also easy to sculpt and requires very little pruning because it grows quite slowly. Dwarf hollies are ideal for small hedges because they do not grow too big. A holly produces red berries that add a little color to your hedges during the flowering season. Holly bushes will be most successful in moist soil with good drainage (which is also the preference of most flowers). So, it might be ideal for protecting and decorating the edges of your flower boxes. Clearly, holly is a perfect plant for all types of hedges.

Both of these beautiful and easy-to-grow plants are perfect for hedges. Remember, there are many species of holly and boxwood, so look closely before you buy. Also, follow the specific planting and watering direction for your specific species. If you do this, you will be able to enjoy a more stylish and cleaner landscape.

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