Sewer And Drain Cleaning: How To Keep Your Construction Crew Safe

Posted on: 23 October 2015


There are times when doing a home remodel or other project that a homeowner will ask if your company can clean out their drains or sewer lines. While the task is often fairly easy to do (you need a drain cleaning machine, but this can be rented at an equipment rental facility easily), you can still inadvertently put your crew in danger. When cleaning sewer drains, here are safety tips you should always follow to keep the entire construction crew safe.

Rent the right equipment

As mentioned above, you will need a drain cleaning machine to complete any sewer cleaning task. You can rent one at your local equipment rental facility. When renting a machine, check all the cables to make sure they are not frayed or worn. You should also make sure that the foot pedal to control the machine is in good condition. If you are unsure how to use a drain cleaning machine, have someone at the rental facility show you how to use it properly before you rent it. These precautions can help prevent accidental shocking or dangerous misuse.

Always wear safety gear

When cleaning drains, make sure your crew is wearing safety goggles and face masks to protect themselves against fumes and bacteria-laden water. Your crew should also wear rubber gloves, rubber boots, and long sleeves when cleaning drains. Rubber gear helps prevent against shock if water gets into a loose cable or into the machine as your crew is cleaning out drains or standing near pools of water when handling sewer issues.

Have more than one person handle the machine

You should have at least 2 crew members on a drain cleaning task. One crew member can handle the foot pedal on the drain cleaning machine while another can control the hose. If possible, have a third person on-hand to assist with water removal and to monitor the drain cleaning process to make sure that the task is being completed in a safe manner.

Properly ventilate the area

Keep windows open while cleaning drains. Use a ventilating fan to help remove fumes from the area your crew is cleaning in. Alert all other crew members not working on the sewers to stay away from the area being cleaned unless they are wearing proper safety gear. This helps protect your crew so they don't accidentally inhale dangerous fumes or get shocked when they move across water near the machine while it is being used.

Keeping your crew safe while they are cleaning sewer drains is all about taking the right precautions. In renting the right equipment, wearing the correct safety gear, and keeping the area well-ventilated, your crew should be able to successfully complete any drain cleaning task with ease. If the job seems like more than you'd like to handle, contact a company like Rapid Rooter Inc.