How To Resurface Asphalt

Posted on: 11 November 2015


Asphalt cracks can be be ugly and dangerous. As a business or property owner, you will want to fix any cracks that are potential trip hazards. Resurfacing asphalt is messy work, but it is not particularly difficult. As long as you have the right tools, you can do the repairs on your own. This article explains the best methods and tools for resurfacing cracked asphalt.

Using Asphalt Resurfacer

First, you should not try to only fill the craft part of the asphalt. There are products that are designated crack fillers, but they don't last as long. You will be better off to get an asphalt resurfacing liquid and resurface a large patch around the cracked areas. For aesthetic reasons, it looks better to do large portions so you avoid a spotty look. The new asphalt won't perfectly match with the old asphalt. The most affordable way to buy asphalt resurface is to buy a mixture. All you have to do is add water to create the solution. Mix the product in 5-gallon buckets. These are easiest to move around and pour onto the ground.

Pouring and Spreading the Resurfacer

Before you pour any asphalt resurfacer onto the ground, you need to thoroughly clean the area. A high-powered shop vacuum can remove all the loose dirt between the cracks. At this point, you can basically pour the resurfacer onto the floor and spread it around. The most essential tool for spreading the resurfacer is a squeegee broom. This allows you to spread large amounts of the mixture without having to bend over. It also allows you to create a smooth finish quite easily. As you spread the resurfacer to the edge of the patch, you want to taper it off to blend in with the existing asphalt. You won't be able to make the color look completely blended in, but you want to do your best to avoid letting any ridges form.

During this process, your shoes will get completely destroyed. Most likely, you will just have to throw them away when the job is done. So, wear shoes (and pants) that you don't mind getting rid of.

Patch your asphalt before the cracks become larger and more problematic to fix. It is a simple project, but it can get more expensive if you wait too long. If the cracks lead to structural issues with the ground, you will need to call in a professional asphalt maintenance company.