Is Vinyl Siding Right For Your Home? Consider The Advantages And Disadvantages

Posted on: 30 November 2015


With 32% of homes in the US having vinyl siding, it has proven to be a popular choice amongst homeowners. Vinyl siding isn't right for every home though, which is why you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of the material. You may discover that it does or does not meet your needs for any of these reasons.

The Advantages

Vinyl siding is a very affordable material, which is one reason why it is so popular. Expect to pay between $3 and $7 per sq. ft. The price varies because of several factors, which include the thickness, manufacturer, style, and even the vinyl siding contractor that you select.

The material is also incredibly durable when it comes to damage caused by the weather. It will be very resistant to common damage like rusting and rotting, which will help the material last 40 years or longer, which is up there in terms of life expectancy for home siding. You will also need to put in very little maintenance over the years to keep it looking good. At most, it will need to be washed when there is visible dirt on the siding.

The Disadvantages

Since vinyl siding is constantly exposed to the sun, fading is a potential problem that you will have to deal with. There is no way to restore the original color of your vinyl siding, and if aesthetics are a concern, you'll need to replace it prematurely.

The material may be durable, but it does have the potential to crack if your home is in a climate with very cold temperatures. The material can become very brittle, and it will be more susceptible to impact damage that will cause the material to break.

Vinyl siding is also susceptible to damage from extreme heat. While the sun can be hot enough to melt your siding in extreme climates, it usually happens from a barbecue grill that was placed close to your siding. Thankfully, damaged sections of vinyl siding can be repaired, but you'll need professional help to match the style and color.

If you are concerned about the environment, you should also know that old vinyl siding material is typically not recyclable when it comes time to remove it. This is because the material contains PVC, which makes it expensive and difficult to recycle.

For more information about vinyl siding pricing, installation, or repair, contact a vinyl siding repair and installation contractor in your area.