How To Maintain Fiber Cement Siding

Posted on: 16 December 2015


James hardie fiber cement siding is prized by homeowners who love the product for being waterproof and easy to clean. This durable siding material can add a lot of energy efficiency to your existing sidewall by reducing thermal and solar absorption. While fiber cement siding is very durable, it should be cleaned to protect it from fading and decay. You will want to be careful to prevent vines from growing on your siding because it can cause serious decay. This article will explain the best way to clean fiber cement siding to protect the original color and weather proof surface.

Less Intense Cleaning

When it comes to regular maintenance, you should clean your fiber cement siding every few months. For instance, try cleaning it 4 times a year (once a season). For this less intense cleaning, you do not need to use any harsh chemicals. If you have a powerful hose, it will likely be sufficient. Otherwise, invest in or rent a simple power washer to help clean. A power washer that allows you to mix soap into the water is very helpful. Just a little bit of soap can help knock away normal grime and dirt build.

More Intense Cleaning

In some cases, this regular cleaning will not get the job done. For instance, if you are just moving to a home with fiber board siding, you might need to give it a more thorough cleaning to remove years of dirt build up. For this you will definitely need a power washer. However, before you use the power washer, you will want to spray on a strong cleaning solution. Trisodium phosphate (or TSP) cleaners are often used by professionals for heavy duty cleaning. It is particularly useful for cleaning a cement surface before painting it and it is ideal for a more intense fiber siding cleaning. Usually the TSP will come in a liquid form and you can even buy bottles with built-in sprayers. These are the best for spraying your house. Let the spray soak into the cement for about an hour before rinsing it off with the power washer. If you are not satisfied with the results after the first round, another round of TSP and power washing could get the job done completely.

Obviously, you don't need to use TSP every time that you want to clean your walls. And, if you regularly give your fiber cement siding a less intense cleaning, you may never need to use TSP. For more detailed information about how to clean your siding, contact a siding business such as Newlook Sidings Inc