4 Ways To Update Your Bathroom Without A Full Remodel

Posted on: 22 January 2016


Does your bathroom look dated and drab, but you aren't ready to splurge on a full remodel? No need to fret, there are some low-cost upgrades that will breathe new life into this heavily used room. Follow the tips below to get the look of a new bathroom without the time and effort of ripping it out and starting from scratch.

Tip #1: Refinish your bathtub

Old bathtubs can become chipped, scratched, or stained. You may also be stuck with a tub in a less than appealing color, such as pink or tan, that really dates your bathroom back to a previous decade. There is a fix, and it doesn't require the installation of a new tub and surround. Instead, consider bathtub refinishing. You can have both fiberglass and porcelain enamel tubs refinished. A thin layer of new material is installed over the old, similar to repainting, except that the material is fused to the tub. When done properly, it looks like a whole new bath and is just as durable.

Tip #2: Update Your Walls

Wall color can go a long way towards brightening up a room. If your walls are drab or covered in an outdated wallpaper, put on a fresh coat of paint. Opt for a semi-gloss so it wipes clean easily. Light colors work well in the small space of the bathroom. Save the dark colors for accents like towels and shower curtains. You could even create a false paneled wall by installing a chair rail molding and painting the wall white below the rail and then the color of choice above it.

Tip #3: Improve the Tile

Whether it is tile on the floor, in the bath surround, or behind the sink, giving it a face-lift doesn't necessarily require replacement. Re-grouting or painting the existing grout can improve the appearance, especially if the old grout was stained. Dark grout against pale tiles can be striking and provide an instant modern look. If the color of the tile is extremely dated, there are special tile paints available that will allow you to paint instead of replace while still giving the look of a new installation.

Tip #4: Upgrade the Sink and Vanity

Other than the tub, the sink and vanity are probably the main focal points in the room. You can update old wooden vanity cabinets with a bit of paint and new hardware. If the sink itself is ugly or damaged, you can have it refinished just like you did your bathtub. In fact, ask your bathtub refinisher if they offer any package deals for refinishing both. Finally, change out the light fixtures and mirror for a final major change. If this is out of the budget, simply add a frame to an unframed mirror or change out the light covers on your existing vanity lights.