6 Tips To Make Your Construction Site Safer

Posted on: 8 March 2016


A construction site may be temporary, since the project will only last a certain amount of time before the building is finished, but it is still very important to invest in the safety of the employees working at the site, as well as the public. A safe construction site decreases liability and can help ensure that a project is finished on time without problems. Use the following tips to ensure that your construction sites are safe:

Erect Temporary Construction Fencing

Surrounding the perimeter of a construction site with temporary construction fencing is essential to the safety of a site. A tall, complete temporary fence will ensure that no members of the public can accidentally wander onto the construction site and get hurt. A secure fence around the site also makes it easier to safely store tools and other large construction equipment without fear of it being stolen or vandalized. Talk to a company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence to find out what fencing would work best for specific types of construction.

Train All Employees in Work-Place Safety

Constructing a building can be a dangerous job, so it is well worth the investment to offer comprehensive work-place safety training for all employees who work at your construction sites. A thorough safety training program can greatly reduce injuries to workers and damage to the site.

Carefully Store Hazardous Materials

If your construction project involves hazardous materials, it is very important to label them properly and make sure that they are stored safely. Only employees who are trained and experienced in working with hazardous materials should be allowed to handle or dispose of them.

Utilize Safety Equipment

When the construction project involves having an employee work on a scaffold or a roof, he or she should be secured in a safety harness no matter how far off the ground he or she is. A safety harness appropriate for construction work should have body support, an anchorage connector and a connecting device.

Distribute Personal Protective Gear

While working on-site, all employees should have access to steel toe boots, a hard hat, safety goggles, gloves, a face mask, and ear plugs. These items can go a long way towards protecting your employees and can prevent common accidents or injuries from occurring.

Be Prepared for Emergency Situations

The construction site supervisor should have extensive training and knowledge of what to do in an emergency, whether it is a serious employee injury or an electrical, mechanical, or complete power failure issue. When a supervisor is prepared, they will be able to quickly take care of emergencies without consequences to the construction project.