Keeping A Carpet Mud-Free During Rainy Weather

Posted on: 25 May 2016


If you have carpeting in your home, you most likely want to keep it in the best of shape so it lasts for many years. During inclement weather, carpeting is more prone to becoming dirty due to the tracking in of mud. Here are a few ideas you can use to help keep your carpeting from falling victim to damp, dirty shoes so it continues looking new for as long as possible.

Provide An Area For Shoe Removal

If your carpeting is light-colored or brand-new, chances are you will want people to remove their shoes upon entry to your house to help prolong the condition of the floor covering. Consider placing a decorative mat in the front entryway for family members and visitors to use to set their footwear upon after coming into the home. Add a whimsical sign near the shoe mat indicating you would prefer shoes are removed when coming into the home. This will lighten the mood a bit, making it unnecessary for you to ask visitors to adhere to your wishes as the sign will do the talking for you.

Place Rugs Over Your Carpeting

In areas where high foot-traffic is expected, place some decorative area rugs directly over your carpeting. If you do not wish to draw attention to these rugs, find a few that match your carpeting color so they blend into the area, making the rugs less noticeable as a result. These rugs can be placed in the home during times it is raining outdoors in an attempt to decrease the amount of debris that makes its way inside. Make sure to launder them after they are used so any debris collected is removed in its entirety.

Add A Layer Of Protection

If you did not purchase carpeting with a fabric protectant already applied to the material, it can be added on your own. Fabric spray can be applied to your carpeting to give it a coating that repels dirt and moisture from settling into the fibers. Look for this type of additive in a home goods store. Vacuuming the carpet often will remove debris as it will not be pushed into the material because of this protective layer. Moisture can be blotted from the surface with a clean towel.

Use A Cleaning Service

To keep your carpets looking fresh for longer, consider having scheduled carpet cleaning sessions to keep on top of the maintenance of your floor covering. A service will come to your home and deep-clean your carpets with steam cleaning equipment. They will use the proper solutions to remove stains and revitalize bland colors with ease. Many people enjoy having the convenience of carpet maintenance in this manner as the service will keep on top of the cleaning frequency. Consider increasing the number of cleaning sessions during the rainy season where you live to help keep the carpet in the best of shape. Contact a business that offers carpet cleaning for more information.