Three Issues to Advise Clients on Prior to Painting Their Salon

Posted on: 22 August 2016


Helping to decorate a salon can be a rewarding experience. Often, salons allow commercial painters such as AAA Action Painting to express their more artistic side, as salon decor is much less strict than that of office buildings. Many salon owners will have theme colors and possible designs that they would like painted on the inside and outside of their building. When you are going over plans for painting a salon, here are three issues that you want to advise your clients on to make sure they are happy with the way that the project turns out. 

Go for a wall color that won't be damaged by hair color

If the salon owner selects a stark white for their wall, they may find themselves having to wash the walls on a daily basis. Salon equipment and chemicals, especially hair dye, can splash onto walls and cause permanent damage. Go for walls that have a deeper shade and can be spot cleaned every once in a while without beginning to look dirty in between. The deeper the color, the less possible damage due to smoke rising up from heated hair appliances as well as hair dye. 

Decorations make the salon look artistic

Most hair stylists are creative in their own right. If your client is not sure what they want for their walls, suggest a design. The design can be something that is related to hair or can be an abstract design that the two of you come up with. Be sure that the client picks a primary and an accent color for the salon to make the design phase easier to work through. For simple salons, a zig-zag pattern will work. For more off-the-wall salons, an abstract mural can work wonders for the type of clientele that they normally like to bring in. 

How to arrange stations for less wall damage

Most salon owners are tempted to bolt booth stations for stylists against the wall. While this can work in the short term, the paint and designs can become rubbed off as time goes on. If the owner of the salon ever decides to remodel or redecorate, this can mean that they have to get the place repainted due to the wall damage. Keeping salon mirrors and stations around a foot away from the wall can help decrease the possibility of paint damage. This also means touching up on paint after several years easier for you, as small fixes will be needed, rather than entire squares of wall area.