The Need-To-Know About Installing A Gate Lock

Posted on: 9 September 2016


Having a side gate that allows access to the backyard of your home can be very convenient, but it can also be a weak point in your home's security. Even if your house itself is relatively well-secured, a side gate can be an invitation for people to walk right into your backyard if all you have on the gate is a latch that anyone can open. Installing a gate lock is a good idea, especially if you are in an area where people like to sneak into other people's gardens to take food, sneak into a pool area to use the swimming pool, and so on. However, before you install the lock, be sure you have made some modifications.

Tall Fence and Gate

A lock isn't going to do any good if the fence and gate are so short that someone could climb over them using a chair. Install new fencing and a new gate that are tall enough to prevent most people from trying to climb over. Make the fence materials as slippery as possible, like vinyl, so that people who do try to climb over have a harder time.

Dual Keys

If you're really concerned that someone is going to try to reach over the gate and unlock the bolt, or if your gate is one of those that has decorative spaces in it, you'll need to install a lock that uses a key on the inside as well. If all you have is a standard bolt, someone could reach through a decorative gate or get a ladder and try to reach over the top of the gate with a wire to move the bolt.

Normal Traffic

If you normally have people, such as gardeners, going into the backyard without your assistance, you're going to have to provide them with a key, too. Don't hide a key near the gate; that's the oldest trick in the book, and criminals know to check around doors, under mats, and in planters (among other places) to look for spare keys. Keep track of who has keys to the gate, though, and ensure that whoever you give them to keeps them in a safe place. You don't want other people losing the keys to the gate, which would require you to rekey the lock.

Also, it's normal to leave the gate unlocked if you're going in and out of the yard a lot, but then you've got to remember to lock it back up once you're done. If you forget, that negates the whole point of having a lock.

When you look for the lock and for a suitable tall gate, if you don't already have one, ask the sellers you find about what locks might work best, and how the sellers might improve on security for the gate. If you really need to keep people out of your yard, that lock is going to help you a lot. for more information, contact companies like Carter Fence Co.