Common Issues Seen In Older Homes That Need The Immediate Help Of An Electrician

Posted on: 20 January 2017


As the owner of an older house, you may have chosen your home because of the larger closets, vaulted ceilings, or the original crown molding, but you may not have counted on the antiquated electrical system and the problems that can be associated with it.  Unfortunately, it is not always easy to know when an electrical problem is just frustrating and when it could pose a risk to your safety. Therefore, when you are ready to enjoy the unlimited use of your favorite electrical appliances without the fear that you could cause a fire or worse, it is a good idea to be aware of the following events that could easily be disastrous if a qualified electrician does not address the problem right away.

A Hot Or Overly Warm Electrical Socket 

It is important to note that the electrical socket, in general, should maintain an external temperature similar to the air in the room. If it is hot, it is often the result of sparks within the working of the electricity for that plug. Unfortunately, it is often easy to ignore or simply not notice frequent sparks when plugging and unplugging items. 

If the sparks are not a rare experience, they can indicate that there is an issue with the electricity being provided to the plug. For instance, there may be an issue with the grounding, or there could be uncontrolled electricity present, both of which can heat the plastic cover to the socket to an unsafe level and raise the risk of an electrical fire occurring. As a result, if you notice that issue, it is imperative to immediately quit using the electrical outlet, remove anything that is currently attached to it, and get an electrician to examine the unit before allowing it to be used again.    

When You Smell Something Burning . . . And You're Not Cooking Anything

Another situation that requires immediate assistance from an electrician is when you can smell something burning, but there is no discernible reason for that scent. It can be overwhelming or barely noticeable, but it is often one of the only signs of an electrical problem that has resulted in damage to the wiring somewhere in your home. 

That smoking smell can be the evidence of a fire starting somewhere in the walls. You should turn off the electricity to the area or even to the entire home and find an electrician to diagnose and repair the problem before you use the electricity again. 

In conclusion, electrical problems and energy fluctuations are a common problem in older homes. Therefore, it is best to be able to identify the above situations that can pose a risk to the safety of your home and everyone and everything in it.