Three Reasons Why You Should NEVER Attempt DIY With A Boiler

Posted on: 4 September 2017


There are just some projects that only the professionals can handle. Boiler installation is one of those projects. Here are three reasons why you should NEVER attempt to install or replace a boiler on your own when you do not have plumbing experience or expertise.

​Boilers Are Far Too Heavy for One Person to Lift

If there was ever an instrument on which you could acquire a hernia, it is a boiler. These machines are extremely heavy because of their steel composition. One person trying to move a boiler out or move one into position is not a good idea at all. Even if you have help, you could easily end up in the hospital trying to get the boiler into the correct position to connect it to the indoor plumbing.

You Could Miss a Connection, Create a Pressure Leak, and Lose Heat

Everything about boiler means that everything has to be perfectly connected, tightened, and sealed. If there are any air leaks, there is not adequate pressure in the boiler to move the warm air up into the ventilation system and move things around inside the boiler itself. Water leaks mean that there is not enough water getting around inside the tank to boil and evaporate, thus producing less heat than you need to heat your home. Miss tightening and sealing any components, and your new boiler will not work any better than your old one.

It Could Literally Blow up in Your Face

Boilers boil water to an extremely high temperature to produce heat. Pressure is used to push the moist heat into and through the ventilation system. If you install a boiler incorrectly, it could literally blow up in your face, causing burns to all exposed skin and possibly blind you as well. That is not a risk you want to take to save a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars on a plumbing and HVAC bill.

Do Not Take Risks with Boiler Installation

As you can see, it is not worth it to take risks with your life and health to install a boiler on your own. Call a professional who has installed boilers several times over to do the job. All you have to do then is clear the way so that the professional can remove the old boiler and bring in the new one. Within a few hours of letting the pros do the job, your boiler will be in and working exactly as it should. Visit a site like for more help.