Basic Tips For Preserving Damaged Trees

Posted on: 1 November 2017


After a severe storm passes through, it's time to assess the damages both inside and outside of the home. However, when checking over trees for damages, you have to be extremely careful because hidden, unsteady, and loose branches can cause an accident. When you are going over the trees, you should be able to preserve the parts of the branches that still smell fresh and are light in color. If you notice that parts of the tree branches have started to darken, you should have them cut off to save the remainder of the tree. In addition, this may also be a good time to fertilize your the trees. The information listed below provides some additional tips for preserving damaged trees.

Determining Damage To Trees

One way to determine if a portion of a tree has been significantly damaged or has dead limbs is by inspecting for extreme cracks and brittle bark. Any limbs that are hanging weirdly should be examined and trimmed, if possible. In addition, an extreme storm can also uproot trees and lift the soil out of the ground, making the tree unstable. When this happens, the foundation of the tree may need to be solidified.

Removing and Trimming Damaged Trees

There is no limit to the type of damage that can impact a tree from an extremely windy thunderstorm. The hazardous wind patterns from the storm can cause a tree to split down the middle or snap in half. When this happens, it can also cause the tree to lean heavily on the wiring coming into your home. For this reason, it's essential that you check the tree branches still attached to determine if they have created some type of interference with your home's electrical system. If so, you will need to have the branches removed that are too close or leaning on the wires. Once the affected branches have been taken away, the trees may need to be trimmed so that it remains healthy and continues to grow.

Fertilizing The Trees

The next step to ensuring that you continue to allow your trees to flourish is to use fertilizer to rejuvenate the growth process. However, there is a process for adding fertilizer to trees. You should first wait until you notice new growth or leaves start to sprout to ensure that the tree is still in good condition. This process means that the tree has started to crown once again. Then you should clean up the area around the base of the tree before adding the fertilizer.

If you are unsure about the process for preserving your trees after they sustain damage, consider consulting with a tree trimmer. Contact a tree service for more information, or visit websites like for more.