Insure Your Building And Add Security Features Prior To Opening Your Business

Posted on: 10 January 2018


If you recently purchased a small commercial building and land that are located next to the ocean and plan on opening a deli next spring, it is important that you insure your property and add some security features to the building so that your investment is protected prior to opening your business. Use the steps below to help you prepare for opening day.

Obtain Business, Property, And Flood Insurance

Since you will be serving the public and will likely have several employees working for you, liability insurance will be needed so that you will be covered in case an accident occurs on your property that results in an injury or damage to another person's property. Property insurance is also important because it will cover damage or losses associated with theft, vandalism, or a natural disaster. Speak with an agent to receive a quote for both of these types of insurance at your earliest convenience.

Since your property is located in a zone that could potentially flood, a flood elevation certificate may be needed. This type of certificate can be attained after having your property and business inspected. If the building has been built high enough on the land, the certificate can help lower the cost of flood insurance if you opt to purchase a policy. Flood insurance will prevent a total loss if your deli is damaged by flood waters and needs to be rebuilt or if extensive repairs are needed.  

Have Locks Inspected And Replaced And Purchase An Alarm System

The locks to your building need to be inspected by a locksmith to ensure that they are operating the correct way. If you are wary about utilizing the same locks and keys that were used by the previous owner of the business, new locking systems are the way to go. New locks will provide you with peace of mind and will reduce the chances of someone entering your deli when it is not open.

An alarm system is another item that can help protect your business. A system that goes off if doors are forced open or if a passcode is not entered upon entry can stop an intruder in their tracks and eliminate theft or damage to your property. 

Install A Sprinkler System And Buy A Fire Extinguisher

If you will be cooking inside of the deli or if you have cleaning products and other combustible items stored inside of the business, a sprinkler and fire extinguisher can be lifesavers. A sprinkler system will turn on if smoke and a high temperature are detected in part of your business. Speak to a professional installer to receive guidance with choosing a system for your deli.

Stop by a business that sells fire safety products. After purchasing a fire extinguisher, learn how to use it and train your staff members so that if a small fire starts in your business, you or another person can act quickly to put it out.