How To Restore Asphalt

Posted on: 3 April 2018


Asphalt is a very durable and easy to own driveway solution. That being said, this doesn't mean it is a zero maintenance material. Over the years, you will need to spend it little time and money to repair damaged asphalt. This article explains the best method for patching and sealing small potholes in asphalt.

The tools and techniques that are perfect for most small-scale residential repairs aren't the most cost-effective or timer efficient when it comes to large-scale repairs. If you need to repair a large parking lot, you need to consult an asphalt contractor.

Filling Cracks

The first step is to always fill and repair cracks in your asphalt. Asphalt crack filler is a premixed solution that can be easily added to pretty much any pothole. It dries to be slightly rubbery and soft, so you don't want to use it to fill extremely large potholes. When it comes to repairing larger holes, the trick is to apply a little bit of patch and then let it dry before applying more. For instance, if you have a 6" deep hole, you can apply 2" at a time, allowing it to dry completely between each application. If you fill in the entire 6" at once, it will end up being too soft and squishy. This is why asphalt crack filler is better for small cracks and holes.

Sealing the Asphalt

The job is not done after the holes are patched. You also need to seal the top of your asphalt. A sealcoat finish is important because it hides the patch and waterproofs the surface. The sealcoat is essentially just a thin coat of gel that you roll onto the asphalt as if it were painted. It makes the asphalt black again, kind of like if you were to simply repaint it. It is important to realize that a sealcoat, even though it will help waterproof your surface, should not be used to repair small cracks. It will not fill the cracks because it is too thin.

For a thorough repair, you need to patch all your cracks and potholes beforehand, and then add the sealcoat finish over the top. These thorough repairs will last a few years before they need to be reinforced, yet they are the cheapest and easiest option if you want to do the work yourself and make your asphalt look like new again.

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