Common Questions About Having A Basement Added To A Home

Posted on: 16 August 2018


The basement can be an extremely versatile room. However, there are homeowners that might not be informed about basements. This can lead to them having a series of basic questions that they need answered before being able to make decisions about their home's basement.

Can A Basement Be Added To An Existing Home?

It is often assumed that the only time a basement can be added to a home is at the time of construction. While this is certainly the easier time to add a basement, it may be possible to add this to an existing structure. In order for this to be possible, the design of the home and the soil will both need to be evaluated. For homes that are built on soil that is soft or loose, adding a basement may not be advisable due to the heightened risk of soil erosion or other problems. A thorough inspection of the home and soil will help to identify these risks so that it can be determined if a basement addition is practical.

What Type Of Problems Can A Basement Experience?

Moisture is one of the most common problems that a basement will experience. When moisture is allowed to seep into the basement, it can cause extensive damage to the home through the formation of rot, corrosion, and mold. As part of the basement construction process, you should also have it waterproofed. The waterproofing process for a basement will not add much work or cost to the construction process, but it can drastically improve the resiliency of this part of your home. Homes built on soil with a high concentration of clay may need additional drainage to help move water away from the exterior of the home as this soil can be prone to retaining moisture.

Is It Possible To Convert The Basement Into A Livable Space?

For those that own smaller homes, there may be a need for more living space for the occupants of the house. Individuals living on a small lot may not have the room for an above-ground room to be added. In these instances, a basement can be an excellent way of creating more living space for homes with this limitation. In order to make a basement a comfortable place to be, you will need to have it finished. This process can include installing HVAC systems, high-quality flooring, electrical wiring, and ample lighting. If you intend to use the basement in this way, having this work done at the start of the process can limit the difficulty and challenges of creating a comfortable basement for you and your family.