What Are Some Of The Best Modern-Looking Siding Options?

Posted on: 27 September 2018


Siding is one of the most important factors in a building's curb appeal. Therefore, homeowners are always trying to get siding options that can immediately appeal to anyone, whether it's their neighbors or buyers if the house ever ends up on the market.

Although traditional siding options have their appeal, many homeowners are trying to step away from these designs in favor of siding options that look more modern. These can give their homes a more contemporary look, especially if the overall design of the house is also contemporary.

Vertical Boards

Wooden boards have been a common siding choice for many generations. However, the boards were usually arranged to run horizontally. Some homeowners have discovered that simply changing the orientation of the boards so they run vertically can drastically change the appearance of the home. The vertical boards emphasize the height and shape of the house.

Contrasting Looks

One of the main features of modern home designs are clean lines. However, this emphasis on clean lines can get lost if you use material colors that don't emphasize these lines. By using contrasting wood types, you can easily emphasize these lines the way it was intended.

Mixed Materials

Using more than one material is yet another design that is becoming a lot more popular in modern home designs. By mixing siding materials, you are able to emphasize certain features that you want to draw attention to or simply create more contrast to show off the clean lines that are favored in modern designs.

This can also allow you to go with simpler materials in some parts of the wall and something more eye-catching (and perhaps pricier) on other parts of the wall.

Shifting Orientations

A simple rearrangement of the siding materials can result in a significant difference in the look of your home. For example, you can have horizontally running wooden boards up to a certain height followed by vertical boards. This simple change can have an outstanding effect, resulting in a completely different look with lots of contrast and emphasis.

Framing Other Features

Rather than using your siding as the main feature, a siding contractor, like those at Wayne Siding & Home Improvements, can also use the siding to emphasize other features of your home. For example, if you have large glass windows, you'll want most of the attention to be on them. By choosing a siding with a muted appearance or one with a clean and simple color that works well with the windows, no one will fail to notice your windows.