Witches' Broom: How Does It Affect Your Peach Trees?

Posted on: 10 November 2018


If you own several peach trees, you may monitor and fertilize the soil to keep your trees healthy. You want your peach trees to bear as much as fruit as possible. But some unexpected things can affect your trees over time, including witches' broom. Learn more about witches' broom below and how you can keep it growing in your peach trees.

What's Witches' Broom?

Witches' broom occurs when small twigs grow and branches in the same direction and location. Eventually, the intertwining twigs and branches form a tight ball that resembles the ends of a witch's broom. Although the clusters or balls of twigs and branches won't harm your tree directly, they can be results of a much bigger problem.

Witches' broom usually affects peach and other fruit trees that have some type of phytoplasma, or parasitic bacterial infection. Insects that carry phytoplasma can spread it to your trees as they forage for nectar and other sweet treats during the year. Phytoplasma can eventually stunt your trees or damage their roots. These issues are just a couple of things that can occur if your allow phytoplasma to remain in your fruit trees.

You can keep your peach trees fruitful and healthy with the right tips. 

How Do You Keep Your Peach Trees' Healthy?

If you notice small clusters of witches' brooms in your trees, remove them right away. You can prune or cut the brooms yourself, or you can hire a professional tree specialist instead. It's probably in your best interest to have a tree specialist do the job for you. A specialist may be able to treat the bacteria that cause the witches' brooms in the first place.

In addition, a tree contractor can provide additional care to your peach trees' roots and soil. Peach trees require good soil conditions and maintenance to grow well during the year. If you don't have the knowledge to maintain your trees properly, phytoplasma can return in the future. 

You also want to monitor your peach trees' fruit regularly. Peaches can experience a number of diseases that can affect how they appear, taste, and grow. If your peaches don't grow healthy, you may not be able to enjoy them as a food source. A tree specialist can help you manage your trees properly so that they bear sustainable peaches.

If you're concerned about witches' broom or need help removing cluster of witches' brooms from your peach trees, consult with a tree contractor today. Visit a site like http://www.scottlanestreesrv.com for more help.