6 'Must Have' Upgrades For Your Custom Home That Are Totally Worth It

Posted on: 21 December 2018


When building custom homes, there are so many upgrades, options, and expensive choices that it can be a little overwhelming. Some upgrades are worth it, and some just aren't. The list below is a little cheat sheet to help you remember what to ask your builder for.

1. Plumb for Extra Bath: Some upgrades are expensive, while others actually save you money. Pre-plumbing your basement for an additional bathroom, even if you don't plan on (ever?) finishing the space is a great idea. To plan ahead and do it during the construction phase adds very little cost, but tearing out the floor and adding all new plumbing later is very cost -prohibitive. 

2. Extra Insulation: Sound-proofing insulation is often professional-quality and very expensive to use in a residential applications. You can, however, use the standard, pink batt insulation between all the interior walls. While not officially sound-proofing, it is an inexpensive solution that muffles sounds from neighboring rooms, like the television, as well as water running through the pipes.  

3. Holiday Lights: Thinking about where you plan on putting the tree, and how you want to hang holiday lights, may be the furthest thing from your mind when you are building a custom home, but it shouldn't be. Now is the time to plot it all out with the electrician. If you need a plug at the very peak of your roof or in the middle of the great room floor in order to decorate the way you want, put in your request now. 

4. Light in Shower: On home remodeling shows, everyone always remarks at how nice the seat in the shower would be for shaving legs. They are missing the biggest thing they could put in a shower, however. A light in the shower makes all the difference in the world and it is a simple addition that won't add much to your bottom line. 

5. Bigger Garage: Get the biggest, widest, and longest garage you can fit. If your builder offers standard upgrades, opt for them all. No one ever moans about going too big on the garage. Plus, just because your car fits now, doesn't mean the next one will. In fact, many SUVs and extended cab trucks simply do not fit in a standard garage.

6. Pan Drawers: Kitchens are part of the home where buyers can spend a large portion of their budget. With custom cabinetry, natural stone counter tops, and professional-grade appliances, it is easy to understand how that could happen. While you are spending all that money, make sure you request pan drawers for your base cabinets. Instead of an open cupboard space, pan drawers consist of three drawers that allow you to not only stack, but also remove items easily, instead of squatting down to fish things out of in the back of the cupboard.

Planning ahead for the little details know will help you enjoy your new home so much more later.