Handling Waste Management For An Outdoor Festival

Posted on: 10 May 2019


Hosting an outdoor festival for your community provides a great source of entertainment and fun for the residents of your area. However, large gatherings of people do require a bit of waste management planning. You'll need to make sure that trash and recycling are handled efficiently throughout the course of the event to prevent potentially dangerous conditions throughout the festival. Here are a few waste management strategies to consider for your next outdoor event.

Recycling Stations

Promoting green practices at your festival can help your impact on the environment, and it can also prevent trash cans or dumpsters from becoming too full too quickly. Talk to a waste management company about setting up recycling stations throughout the festival grounds. They should be placed near food venues, concert areas, and any other spaces where people might eat or drink. These stations can include several different color-coded recycling bins for paper and plastic goods so people can place their items in the appropriate bins. Be sure to have trash cans nearby for any items that can't be recycled.

Compost Containers

Your festival can be a great opportunity to get people interested in composting. When you set up your recycle stations, consider adding food waste bins as well. Talk to a waste management company about food waste recycling. Food waste can be sent to large composting sites where it is turned into nourishing fertilizer for the soil. You may even want to ask for brochures on the composting programs, which can be placed near the food waste bins. Some of the people attending your festival might be interested in recycling their own food waste at home after reading up on the subject.

Commercial Dumpsters

Despite your efforts to recycle as much as possible, you will find that you have a lot of trash that must go to a landfill or other waste facility. A dumpster rental company can help you determine how many dumpsters will be needed based on the expected attendance at your event. You'll want to discuss how many food vendors you have as well as any other factors that might contribute to the amount of waste produced at your event. Once you know how many dumpsters will be needed, you can work together to find strategic placements for each dumpster. For example, you may want to place one or two dumpsters behind a row of food trucks serving guests at your event. Your dumpster rental company should also discuss a plan for trash pickup. If your event runs for more than a day, it may be necessary to have the dumpsters emptied each morning before you open to the public.