Aspects Of Your New Custom Garage You May Want To Discuss With The Builder

Posted on: 14 October 2019


One good thing about adding a garage to your property is that you have the chance to build a custom garage that fits your lifestyle rather than trying to get all your cars and storage items into a small garage that someone else designed. You have several options for building a custom garage. Here are a few aspects you may want to discuss with your custom garage builders.

The Dimensions

If you have an RV, big truck, or tractor, you'll need a garage that's taller than a traditional garage. You'll also need a larger garage door so your large vehicles can fit into the space. The width of the garage is also important so you can park as many vehicles in the space as you need. Also, remember you'll need plenty of room for storing lawn tools and other supplies. If you also want room to put in a workshop or hideaway lounge, then that space has to be figured into the dimensions when the garage plans are designed.

Climate Control

If you want your garage to be comfortable in all seasons, it will need climate control. You can't connect a garage to your home's HVAC because you don't want car fumes circulating through your home, so a good alternative might be a ductless system that can both heat and cool your garage.

Plumbing Needs

If your custom garage is away from the house, then having plumbing could be important so you don't have to walk back to the house to wash your hands or use the restroom. A garage is a good place for a spare bathroom, especially if you'll spend a lot of time in the garage working on your hobbies. If your laundry machines are shoved in a small closet now, you may even want them moved to the new garage if plumbing is added.

Built-In Storage

No matter what you plan to do with the garage, you'll probably want built-in custom storage so you can organize your tools and other items efficiently to keep the space neat. This will allow you to use the garage for watching sports with guests if you have a TV mounted on the wall. You could even have a custom bar put in.

A custom garage builder can help you design a garage that gives you all the extra space and features you want and need. Just let the builder know how you want to use the garage and the space you have available so they can help you choose the design and materials that fit your budget.