Tips For Having A Good Experience With Your Home Construction Contractor

Posted on: 30 December 2019


Building a new home is an exciting undertaking you may only do once in your life. While it's a rare life event for you, it's something a home construction contractor does every day. The differences in perspectives can sometimes lead to communication problems with your contractor, but there are some things you can do to make your construction project run a little smoother. Here are some tips for working with your home building contractor.

Have A Firm Vision Before You Begin

While it's possible to make adjustments to the original plan by adding a change order to your contract, changes can slow down your project. What may seem like an easy change could have a ripple effect that you can't envision without experience in home construction. It's good to be certain of the floor plan and major home features before work begins. You'll also want to choose things like appliances and faucets well before they're due to be installed. By knowing for sure what you want, you can avoid causing delays for the contractor and you'll have a better chance of meeting the original completion date and budget.

Communicate With Your Contractor Often

You don't want to bother your contractor needlessly, but frequent communication is good for both sides. Discuss how often you'll be in touch before work begins. You might want to talk to the contractor daily, or at least weekly. This keeps you informed of progress, gets your questions answered, and helps you find things that need to be changed early before a change would turn into a huge project. You might communicate by phone, text, or in-person visits, but you'll want to establish the method and frequency upfront so both sides feel comfortable.

Make Your Payments On Time

A sure way to foster ill will with your contractor is to be late making payments. Part of your construction contract includes the payment schedule for the work being done. Your contractor is motivated to continue work on schedule and do the work well if you make your payments on time.

Be Friendly With The Crew

While you'll communicate details about the project with your construction contractor, you'll interact with several subcontractors doing various jobs. Any issues about their work should be addressed through your main contractor who manages the subcontractors. Still, you can encourage all the crew working on your project to be positive and do their best work by being friendly. Learn the names of the workers you see every day and offer them drinks and snacks occasionally. Everything you do to establish goodwill can pay off in high-quality work on your home and your contractor will have to spend less time smoothing things over between you and disgruntled workers.

If you live near the house being built, you might visit it daily. If you live far away, you may have to rely on frequent calls with your contractor to know what's going on. Either way, good communication is important so each side is understood and problems are worked out before they turn into big issues.

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