5 Essential Pieces Of Equipment To Have For A Construction Work Zone

Posted on: 27 January 2020


Planning to begin construction in a specific area? If so, you need to bring certain types of work zone equipment with you to the area. Using the work zone equipment is the best way to let others know of the potential hazards due to the construction that is taking place. It is also a way to make sure that you can direct drivers to certain lanes and keep them from accessing specific roads and areas to prevent them from coming in direct contact with the contractors while they are working.

1. Bright Orange Marking Flags

The bright orange marking flags are ideal to have when working on a construction project. These flags let the contractors know where they should begin working. You can have them strategically placed in a specific area where construction is set to begin. Aside from making the contractors aware of where things will get started, the orange marking flags are visible to drivers and pedestrians, which lets them know that they will need to avoid that location.

2. Caution Tape

When you want to keep people from trespassing, you should have caution tape available and ready to use. While you may not need the tape while your contractors are working on the project during the day, you will likely need to use it at night to prevent people from walking into a construction zone when there are no workers there. Even if there are no workers because their shifts have ended, the area may still be hazardous because the construction is ongoing. You would not want people to randomly walk into a construction area and get hurt, and that is why you need to have caution tape put up to block off certain areas.

3. "Construction Ahead" Sign

When there is a lot of traffic coming forward to the area where the construction is going on, it helps to have a sign. You can place the sign a mile or so before the construction begins. It lets drivers know that they need to be aware of potential road changes that will occur as they get closer to the construction zone. It also lets them know that they need to be aware of any equipment or contractors on the road.

4. Reflective Traffic Drums

If you are blocking off a section of the road, you should have reflective traffic drums, which are known as construction barrels. You can place these drums in the middle of the road to prevent drivers from making their way through. The reflective traffic drums are convenient to use because they are portable and noticeable from a distance. You want drivers to know that the road is blocked off before they start to get too close.

5. Portable Barrier Fence

As an additional safety measure, you may want to use a portable barrier fence. You can place the barrier fence around the construction area to prevent people from accessing the work zone. You would not want pedestrians getting into areas that they should not be in. When there is a fence blocking a specific area off, it is a lot easier to keep people out, especially when your contractors are trying to do their jobs. Each time you work on a project, you can bring the portable barrier fence along with you.

When construction is beginning in a specific area, you need to bring some essential pieces of equipment with you before your contractors start working. Orange marking flags, caution tape, construction signs, reflective traffic drums, and a portable barrier fence are some of the most important work zone equipment items to have when completing any construction project.

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