Reasons That You May Want A Concrete Dock

Posted on: 19 March 2020


Most people who have docks built on their waterfront properties opt for wood, but if you're working with an experienced dock builder, it may be worthwhile to explore other options. Another material that may interest you is concrete. Concrete docks are common at marinas and in other high-traffic locations, but can also be a good choice for residential applications. If your dock builder has constructed some concrete docks for previous clients, you'll want to see photos of this work and decide whether a concrete dock is right for you. Here are some reasons that you may want this type of dock.

Minimal Maintenance

A well-built wooden dock will last a long time, but it will eventually require different forms of maintenance. Most commonly, you'll need to think about repainting the top of the dock or giving the wooden planks some fresh coats of stain sometime in the future. This is because a combination of the sun and the water can cause the paint or stain on the dock to fade. This type of maintenance won't be necessary, however, if you opt for a concrete dock. It will stand up well to the elements, meaning that any maintenance projects will be minimal.

Better Traction

Another design feature that will make you appreciate your concrete dock is how it won't get slippery when it's wet. It's easy for a dock to get wet — splashes from the water or water that drips off swimmers' bodies can quickly cover the surface of the structure. If you have children, you might worry about them slipping and falling while they're on the deck, but this won't be a concern with a concrete structure. The textured surface of the concrete means that even when it's wet, people will have traction when they walk on it.

Unique Look

A lot of homeowners put effort into making their homes and properties look unique. If you're the type of person who doesn't want your dock to look similar to those on either side of you, a concrete dock may be a good choice. Its unique appearance will be evident from your yard and from the water alike, and you may take pride in knowing that you've made an investment in your property that doesn't mirror the other docks in the area. Speak to your local dock contractor about the size, shape, and features that you want for your concrete dock.

Contact a dock construction company to learn more about what type of dock is right for you.