Two Signs That You May Need To Re-Insulate Your House

Posted on: 29 September 2016

Because insulation is hidden behind walls, it's easy to forget just how important it is.  Insulation provides a protective barrier for your home, helping to keep outside elements away.  However, unless you had your house built and were there while it was being constructed, you may not know whether or not you may need more insulation.  Use this information to learn more about two signs that it may be time to re-insulate your house.
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The Need-To-Know About Installing A Gate Lock

Posted on: 9 September 2016

Having a side gate that allows access to the backyard of your home can be very convenient, but it can also be a weak point in your home's security. Even if your house itself is relatively well-secured, a side gate can be an invitation for people to walk right into your backyard if all you have on the gate is a latch that anyone can open. Installing a gate lock is a good idea, especially if you are in an area where people like to sneak into other people's gardens to take food, sneak into a pool area to use the swimming pool, and so on.
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Three Issues to Advise Clients on Prior to Painting Their Salon

Posted on: 22 August 2016

Helping to decorate a salon can be a rewarding experience. Often, salons allow commercial painters such as AAA Action Painting to express their more artistic side, as salon decor is much less strict than that of office buildings. Many salon owners will have theme colors and possible designs that they would like painted on the inside and outside of their building. When you are going over plans for painting a salon, here are three issues that you want to advise your clients on to make sure they are happy with the way that the project turns out.
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How To Remove Toys, Washcloths, And Other Strange Items From A Toilet

Posted on: 1 August 2016

It is a problem that happens in many homes with young children – the temptation to put something in the toilet that doesn't belong proves too strong. Whether it's a toy, a washcloth, or a random item from the medicine cabinet, the result is usually a clog or overflowing toilet. The following guide can help you tackle this problem. Shut off the water If the toilet is overflowing, your first task is to stop the flow.
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