• Should You Have A Prospective Home Examined By An Electrical Contractor?

    If you have recently found the home of your dreams, it is crucial to remember to have it looked at by an electrical contractor before committing to it. In fact, it may even be helpful to have it looked at and continue to look at other homes, in case an expensive problem with the property is diagnosed that would change your mind about the big purchase. Given the complexities involved with electrical services of any type, it is not unusual to allow other aspects of a home to be examined by one professional, while an electrical contractor examines everything else.
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  • 5 Great Tips For Saving Money On Your Heating Bills

    During the cold winter months, there is nothing more comforting than turning on the heat and snuggling on your couch. However, if you use your heat too much, it can make your energy bills very expensive. Here are five great tips for saving money on your heating bills during the winter. Wrap Your Windows With Plastic One of the simplest ways to prevent heat loss in your home is to wrap your windows with plastic.
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